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In one of the companies I worked at, we used Redmine for time tracking. I hated the outdated design and the complexity behind certain features, so I decided to create my own app that would do just exactly what I needed and nore more, no less.

Electron is the base for this app. The main features here are:

  • a list of assigned tickets
  • being able to track time spent on a ticket
  • post and see comments on those tickets.

Although I stopped working on it as we stopped using Redmine, it is being used by several people, who discovered it though the internet.

I might invest some time into improving it a bit and adding new changes. But no promises as I don't feel motivated to get back to it most of the time.

  • Javascript 
  • Electron 
  • React 
  • Redux 
  • Node.js 
  • Formik 
  • Styled Components 
  • Webpack 
  • Projects: Aurelins WebsiteRedshapeStarbotTwitch Auto PointsWebsite